NOMU azabudai : New Breakfast Menu and Summer Drinks

Starting Saturday, June 15, 2024, Nicolai Bergmann NOMU azabudai, located next to the Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design store in Azabudai Hills, will offer a new menu that included its first breakfast menu along with 4 new curated drinks perfect to start off your summer.

The new breakfast menu will feature homemade rye bread with seasonal fruit jam, Danish cheese and butter, and boiled egg. Our new drinks include “Sparkling Elderflower Espresso” and “Sparkling Elderflower Matcha” using a Danish favorite-the elderflower soda giving these two drinks a refreshing herbal kick. With the additional Danish style menu line-up, we hope that you can start off your summer with some Danish flare as you take a break during work or shopping at Azabudai Hills.

Danish Breakfast
Available Weekdays 8:00-11:00 、Weekends10:00-12:00

We have recreated the classic Danish breakfast plate with homemade live bread, homemade jam made from seasonal fruits, Danish Samsø cheese, butter, and boiled eggs. You can enjoy this simple breakfast with a drink. The choice of beverage includes organic coffee or A.C. Parks tea, which is a royal warrant of the Danish Royal Family. We also offer the option of adding a live red or changing the drink to a café latte, flat white, or cappuccino.Start your day with this morning-only menu.

Allergies: Wheat/Milk/Egg Price: ¥990 (Tax Inclusive) Take Away ¥972 (Tax Inclusive)

Summer Refreshers

“Sparkling Elderflower Espresso”
A beautiful looking cold drink with two layers of elderflower soda, a Danish favorite, and espresso, which has a distinctly fruity flavor. Spiced with black and pink pepper, it is a refreshing and stimulating drink recommended for summer. Available only as Iced Drink.
Price: ¥825(Tax Inclusive) Take Away¥810(Tax Inclusive)

“Oats Caffe Mocha”
This espresso drink blends the rich taste of Danish organic chocolate (61% cacao) with the gentle sweetness of oats milk. Iced mocha is recommended for its chocolate texture.
Price:¥825(Tax Inclusive) Take Away¥810 (Tax Inclusive)

“Matcha Latte”
The highly requested Matcha Latte is now on our menu! The matcha latte is made from Japanese organic tea leaves and is characterized by its rich aroma and flavor. The beautiful green gradation of the drink can be enjoyed either iced or hot.
Price:¥825(Tax Inclusive) Take Away¥810 (Tax Inclusive)

“Sparkling Elderflower Matcha”
This sparkling drink is perfect for summer, combining the Danish classic elderflower soda and matcha espresso. You will discover a new way to enjoy matcha that is different from the standard matcha latte. Enjoy this refreshing summer drink. Only available as Iced.

Nicolai Bergmann NOMU azabudai
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T: 03-6277-8180